Major Activities

Major Activities

  • Optical Network Transport Solutions
  • Data Center Structured Cabling Solutions
  • Enterprise Networks Solutions
  • Smart Energy Saving and Building Efficiency
  • Smart Services Solutions


Our Data Center Structured Cabling Support Products

Power System

Without power, even the modern data center can break down. ISST PDU & UPS power system can help to provide sustainable and efficient electricity for your IT equipment’s

Fiber Cabling System

Create a modular cabling environment within your data center to accelerate application deployment, reduce costs, and streamline fiber-cabling operations.

Copper Cabling System

Improve operational efficiency and control costs with our copper cabling solutions that offer a simplified experience for deployment and management.

Network Switches

Delivers a comprehensive 10/40/100G switching options for small & large data centers with multi-function management solutions.


Gain efficiency and more control with our diverse KVM switches that provide a cohesive, unified and simplified solution to manage your devices.

Interconnect Optical Solution

Bring fast speed and fully compatibility to your network switches with our high-quality fiber optic transceivers, DAC and AOC cables.


Our Data Center Structured Cabling Support Products

Networking Network is becoming more critical as ever-increasing fast and dense connectivity demands. It’s high time to upgrade your IT infrastructure to be more reliable and secure.

DWDM Mux Demux DWDM system supports ultra-long-haul transmission via a single fiber, coupled with DWDM MUX/DEMUX and OADM with speed protocols of up to 100G/200G per channel

CWDM Solution CWDM system utilizes advanced thin-filmfilter technology designed for use with less expensive, non-temperature-controlled lasers of MUX/DEMUX, OADM and CWDM transceivers.

OTN System OTN integrates the benefits of SONET/ SDH and DWDM to boost network scalability, which allows for transporting large quantities of data at high rates over great distance.

Fiber Cabling System Fiber optic cabling including single mode and multimode fiber patch cables, bulk fiber cables and fiber accessories provides high bandwidth and long transmission distances.

Enterprise networks solutions

ISST is a leading provider of services and solutions offering you network reliability, security, scalability.

NETWORKING Apply our highly compatible and scalable basic enterprise network device to realize the connection between your business and the world.

POWER OVER ETHERNET Choose our PoE network devices to enjoy lower cost, less downtime, easier maintenance, and greater installation flexibility than with traditional wiring.

ENTERPRISE WI-FI Combine AP with AC controller, you can get an enterprise-class performance network with high speed and large capacity.

SURVEILLANCE Investing in a video surveillance system is critical to protect your assets. Select the right surveillance devices and make sure your security system does what you want.

COPPER CABLING Properly designed end-to-end copper cabling systems including pre-terminated cable assemblies and tools offer high quality and quick deployment.

FIBER CABLING Take advantage of optical fiber systems to speed up your business with higher bandwidth, easier management and less space.


  • Intelligent control system Allows you to see exactly where your energy goes, plus it gives you the power to stop wasting it.
  • Energy Monitoring Allows you to see exactly how much electricity your home consumes per each device – right now, on your PC or smartphone.
  • Remote management and analysis of all of your electronic appliances with your PC or smartphone to prevent unnecessary energy consumption. 1. Analyze and compare 2. Cost prediction 3. Real-time notifications
  • Smart Thermostat Help you conserve energy without sacrificing your comfort.
  • Smart Meters Appropriate smart meters for Utility, Municipality or Net-metering needs after studying specific customer requirements.

Smart services solutions

We offer a wide range of smart services and solutions that cover from Home Automation to Smart Cities.

Home Automation

We possess systems that control Home utilities and appliances for Energy Saving and leading a comfortable life

  • Lighting Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Curtain and Shutter Control
  • Safety and Security Control
  • Voice control
  • Appliances control
  • Smart Wall key pads


We deliver solutions that improve city services, which facilitate and leads to a better life for people.