Electrotechnical Solutions

1- Precision Air Condition Solutions, and In Row air conditioner

To meet higher requirements raised by intensive integration of IT business, virtualization and cloud computing technology for data equipment rooms, Hairf launches inter-line precision air conditioners. The product is deployed close to the heat source to provide proximal exclusive cooling for the key IT equipment and effectively solve the heat dissipation problem in different areas of the equipment room. It is worth installing this best cooling product in your equipment room due its characteristics such as efficient energy conservation, intelligent management, safety, reliability, green environmental protection and easy installation and maintenance.

2- HCDC container data center

With the intensification of social informatization, the demand of data processing swelling, the traditional data center construction cycle,constrution cycle, construction cost, cooling pattern and operation method cannot adapt to the changing demand, so the new green, intelligent and low TCO modular data center comes to the best option.

Hairf container date center, be short for “HCDC”,is research & development as a new generation of data center solution. It’s high performance, high available, high density, mass extension, easy management and wide compatibility greatly shorten customer’s data construction period, great improve the efficiency of energy utilization, reduce construction investment and operation cost, to provide customers with good price ratio, high security products and solutions.

3- Online rack type UPS

Hairf online rack type UPS adopts the advanced central microprocessor CPU control technology, and provides a super-wide input voltage range, as well as the input power factor correction, startup self-diagnosis, input zero/live line detection, RJ45 LAN protection and other functions. Meanwhile, it implements bypass output humanization and remote computer monitoring and can be used together with electric generator.